I'm Bon, CEO of Action Figure Japan.
Thank you for your interest in us!

It is possible to trade even in small amounts.

You can also suggest products that suit your store.
We can also discuss budgets.

Product List

Check here.
It's a Google spreadsheet.
You can select products from the tabs below.
This list is just a small selection of products.
In addition to this, it is possible to provide most of the products that are handled in Japan. Products other than action figures are also available.

Free Community

Discord is recommended for trade negotiations.
Because we can negotiate very smoothly.
Of course, you can also have private conversations that other people cannot see.
We will also inform you about new products. Discord


Instagram of our store.
It's just getting started.
Please take a look. Instagram

Our Online Shop

our online store. We carry a variety of products. Of course, we can also provide products that are not listed. Shopify ebay Store