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Thank you for your order!

I'm glad I was able to deliver it to you safely.
Please contact me if you have any problems.

i will do my best for you!

If there is something you want, I will look for it anywhere in Japan.

Figures, toys, stuffed animals, second-hand goods, etc.

If you want Japanese items, please let me know!

I'm Bon, the CEO of Action Figure Japan.

In Japan, he is called Otaku no Bon.
I love anime and ramen!

On my days off, I go to Akihabara and Nakano in Tokyo to see the latest information.
I am familiar with Japanese otaku shops.

There is also a lot of new product information!
There is also information on rare items!

I want customers all over the world to buy with confidence.
I created a store that sells only "100% authentic".
That is "Action Figure Japan"!

We purchase genuine products from Japanese manufacturers.
I started selling online about 3 years ago.

I have created a community to please many buyers.

However, there are still few members!

We hope that you will become an early member!

I will be very happy if that happens!

You will surely be happy to get new information.

[How to participate in the community]
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I am looking forward to seeing you!