You can purchase popular figures in Japan for $1.

Of course it is 100% Authentic.

All of them are popular characters from famous manufacturers.
Moreover, it is a brand new product that has not been opened yet!

Why is it so cheap?

Because this is a special offer to do business with us "ActionFiguresJapan".

I am Bon, the CEO of Action Figures Japan.

In Japan, it is called "Otaku no Bon".
I love anime and ramen.

We are a company located in Japan.

Japanese anime and manga, especially figures, are popular all over the world.

Pokemon, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, etc.

As you know, it is extremely popular in your country.
Many anime fans in your country are probably looking for figures.

Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit figures in circulation in Japan as well.
It is very crude and of bad quality that is nothing like the real thing.
There are also fakes that look very similar to the real thing.
Even on the internet, the pictures are real, but the ones sent to us are sometimes fake.
Oh my God!

Seeing tourists who came to Japan from overseas buying inferior figures
I thought it was so cruel.
It could be a present for your children.

The child who received it said,
"Dad, this is fake"

Fun memories of Japan ruined by fake souvenir figurines.
Dad will see the sad faces of his children.
That's very sad.

That's why I created a store that sells only 100% genuine products.

There is no risk of you buying a fake in my store.
It is a store where you can buy authentic products with peace of mind.

If you would like to sell Japanese figures in your store, I recommend doing business with me.

However, I know that no matter what I say on this page, I cannot rely on text alone.

Therefore, I have prepared a special offer for you.

First of all, please buy a figure from me for $1.

I will sell you one of the following items for $1.

I checked popular figures in your country.
I have listed those items below.
It's just very much in demand.
Order now.

I will confirm your order.
I will be very grateful for your actions.

Then, we pick up the products from the warehouse and carefully pack them.

Items will be shipped safely by FedEx.

Please confirm that you will definitely receive the item from me.
And please check every corner of the delivered product.

It is definitely 100% authentic.
I am sure you will be satisfied!

Figures, toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, games.
If there is a product you want, I will search all over Japan.

I hope you are interested in me.

How to order

very easy to order

1. Join my Discord community
Participation is free. It's a new community.

2. Create a place to chat with me individually

3. Please send me the number of the item you want, your name, and the name of the store.

Please wait for my reply

Please feel free to accept this offer.
If you don't like the figure you received, we will refund your money immediately.
No risk to you.

This offer has an expiration date.

July 31st is the last day.
Or it will end as soon as the product is gone.
Please hurry.